10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Grilling Steaks

Mistakes to avoid in Steaks

Grilling steak never fails to allure all generations on a hot summer night. The dancing blaze and cold breeze can make up the perfect party environment. But the party does not get light unless the steaks are perfectly made. You must know mistakes to avoid in grilling steaks. 

Burning steak may sound easy to many of you. Besides, it is not that easy in real-time. There are common mistakes that most of us don't know.

The result is an under-cooked or overcooked steak. You don't really want your grill to be completely dry or red inside. Tenderness and juice filled with flavor and taste are the most desirable ones.

Mistakes To Avoid in Grilling Steaks

Let's dive deep to know more about these mistakes that restrain you from a perfect grilling steak.

1. Picking the Wrong piece for Steak

Before you go for grilling, you must decide on the cut and the beef you are choosing. Some of the best popular cuts for steaks are t-bone, ribeye, tenderloin, and porterhouse steak.

Other than that, pick meats with a decent amount of marbling. Marbling is the intramuscular fat in between the meat. Because of marbling, you will enjoy the intense flavor of your steak.

2. Grilling straight Out of the Fridge

This is very common among impatient folks. In most cases, this will char outside and the inside remains undercooked. Or else, it will take too long to reach the doneness.

The problem list continues as it does penetrate only a few spices and sauces to your meat. So, the grill it produced is never succulent at all.

To get over this, take your steak meat out of the fridge before an hour of your steak. Then season it and left for nearly 30 minutes beforehand of grilling. This will help to cook the best quality steak with intense flavor.

3. Not trying to Pat down the Meat

Steak becomes more appealing when it forms a delicious crust outside. This crust won't form if you forget to pat meat with a paper towel.

Yes, you must pat before seasoning and let the extra moisture absorb in it. By doing this, you can prepare a steak with even crust outside.

4. Skimping on Marinating

You want the best-flavored steak but do not want to invest time in the marinating. This is a common phenomenon among newbies.

Keep in mind, that you will lose a lot of seasoning during grilling. Also, incomplete marinating won't penetrate the spice you need.

The best practice of all is seasoning meat with sea salt for at least an hour or so. You can also add some herbs and sauce for added taste.

Seasoning allows the salt to penetrate in deep layers. This helps to produce crust on the surface and the meat retains the optimum juice inside.

5. Trying Charcoal Briquette

Many of us use charcoal briquette or lighter fluid for grilling purposes. But, this is a bad practice to prepare steak.

Yes, it can ruin grilling as it adds unpleasant flavor to the meat. Instead, you better use hardwood or lump charcoal for the best result.

6. Flipping Steak too often

Some people flip steak too often for perfect grilling. In most cases, that won't work and results in uneven cooking.

Flipping frequently also defects the purpose of searing. Meat needs adequate heat after searing. If the surface gets inadequate heat, the inner layers remain uncooked. Try to avoid this mistake for the perfect steak.

What is the ideal practice to flip? Flip the meat when it starts to caramelize. You will also witness the strong smell of grilling. The ideal time of flipping depends on the steak size. This may range from 2 to 5 minutes.

7. No Use of Meat Thermometer

No matter how expertise you are, a meat thermometer works the best to test doneness. This is important for cut out and you must try to know what's going inside.

A meat thermometer has probes to notify you of the inner stories. You can track the temperature and the thermometer guides you to the proper doneness.

Every time you gill, you grill it with confidence. Most of these thermometers have in-build presets to help you with quick actions. Yes, you can pick turkey, fish, or beef with a single stroke for the best possible steak.

8. Cutting Into the Steak too Early

Once you are done with cooking, put it into the rest for a while. This is something that most beginners missed out on. Resting steak after cook allows collagen to thicken the juice.

So, the steak produced is juicier and you get the maximum taste from it. Also, a piece indulged with flavor and smoky taste.

How long do I need to rest for that? Well, there is no time frame for that. But, you can rest it for at least five minutes for a quality steak. If the steak size is thick, rest it a few more minutes than usual.

9. Cooking Individual steak among Crowd

Some people try individual steak among a large batch. This is often a reason for undercooking. Also, there is a big risk of mixing flavors if not separated well.

It has to be the same item or anything that does not alter the taste of the batch. Other than that, you may face difficulty with timing. Not all steak is cooked to the same doneness.

So, you have to pick the correct temperature for your steak. Having multiple steaks over grill grates just spikes that challenge. Make sure you start the batch at the same time.

10. Overlook to Clean Grill Grates

Dirty grates are the biggest reason for mediocre steak. You love to enjoy the best quality and have only a little attention to clean grates afterward.

This also causes a mix of tastes in the very next batch you prepare. Cleaning grates is no big hurdle. You just need to pour some vegetable oil and rub grates with a wire brush. That's it! A clean grates in just two minutes. No need to fear sticking dirt in your next batch.

Bottom Line

BBQ steak is indeed is one of the best delicious food items in every corner of this globe. Anyone can cook it to perfect if he avoids the above-listed mistakes. Try it, you are never too late.

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