7 Best Tips to Use a Hand Mixer Efficiently

7 Tips of Hand Mixer

Tips to use hand mixer efficiently can mystify a bit. Did you ever think about why the cookies you are preparing are not getting the texture you want? Is it only about picking the wrong orders of recipes or anything else?

Mixing does have a massive impact on most of our savory. A hand-held mixer is one of the most popular kitchen appliances for baking. From four-course meals to baking cookies, it is a great support in cooking.

Therefore, the list of benefits is too long to describe. But, you can earn these benefits when you know the efficient use of this gadget.

There are times when newbies struggle to get the most out of a
quality hand mixer. Even people using hand mixers for a long do not know the secret of its efficiency. Let us discuss some secret tips that bring efficiency to your mixing.

Killer Tips to Use Hand Mixer Efficiently

Hand mixers use is never difficult to use but using it efficiently requires some techniques. These are some common tips that adds more life to your kitchen appliance.

1. Read All Instruction from Manufacturer

Though all hand mixers work the same, there are slight differences among brands. Your brand may have some unique feature or added facility than others.

So, make sure you read the manual properly to know clear about your device. There are manufacturers who offer quality after-sale customer support, though.

Besides, some brands include important advice on fixing the technical problem. It is better, without a doubt, not to start straight out of the box. Read the manual and start with full confidence.

2. Keep It Away From Water

Hand mixers are not dishwasher safe. However, It is the accessories that you can clean with soapy water. The main body of it contains an electric circuit and must be kept away from water splashes.

Also, this prevents accidents as the wet cord and plug are often a source of blazing. On another note, try to fix a place in your kitchen where you can store it and keep it in a safe area away from water.

Once you have cleaned your accessories with water, let it dry before you store it back. This will add more shelf-life to your device. Thus, It won't be surprising if you find it smooth even after crossing the warranty period.

3. Know the Function of Each Tool

You can only expect a better output when you use the best match attached accessories in the hand mixer. For instance, trying the wrong tool won't help you big in mixing. Some commonly used tools and their purpose of use are-

- Use a dough hook only for dough mixing. It is best for kneading dough and pastry items.

- Use flat beaters to combine mixtures with heavy consistency. This is mostly used for cakes, biscuits, and even mashed potatoes.

- Use a balloon whisk for the aeration of the mixture. One of the most common items for egg beating.

- Use a flex edge beater to scrap the side of the bowl. This is highly useful for ingredients like honey and cheese cream.

4. Make use of Wax Paper

Using a hand mixer can challenge you in splattering, though. Unlike stand mixer, you don't have any splash guard here. So, you can easily mess your kitchen within minutes. 

That gets even painful when you go for a cleaning. Also, this costs both time and some portion of your mixing ingredients. One of the best ways to counteract this is the use of wax paper.

Besides, attach a wax paper over in the area of mixing. Make sure you don't run for mixing when there are all dry ingredients. In that case, a whisk would be a good alternative.

5. Build Speed in the Proper Way

Having a hand mixer with a wide range of speed always sounds good to consumers. Do you know the thumb rules of using these speeds? If not, then try the following tips.

- Use lower speed for hard ingredients. This will bring the proper texture to your baking.

- Try higher speed for liquid and soft ingredients. This makes the mixture smooth and creamy. Also, higher speed is important to aerate and makes your final bake spongy.

- Do not force a sudden and a big change of speed. This is one of the major reasons for splattering and the result is always an inconsistent texture.

- Do not add all ingredients at a time. Add them in order and mix them sequentially. This brings the texture perfect for your baking.

6. Clean it After Every Use

All accessory attachment of hand mixers are dishwasher safe and are easy to clean. If you are lazy to clean them after use, this can affect its working efficiency. 

Also, it contaminates the next batch of dough you are mixing. To clean a hand mixer you can try the following steps.

- Set the speed of the hand mixer to zero.

- Turn off the machine and eject the attachments from it.

- Clean them with warm-hot soapy water. If some dirt sticks to accessories, then submerge it for a while. The dirt will clean up easily.

- Once it is fully cleaned, use a paper wipe or a towel to assure they are dry.

- Store it in a dry place until your next use.

7. Unplug the Mixer when it is not in Use

Some people are not cautious about unplugging and some do not take it important. Imagine if someone keeps it on and the blade spins sharply.

Indeed, it can be a potential source of injury. Not only that but also it can create a mess in your cleaned kitchen.

Other than that, unplugging your gadget does drain a lot of electricity. However, if you left it unused but plugged for longer than it threatens the shelf-life of your gadget. Make sure you unplug and store it safely after your usage.

Bottom Line

A hand mixer is no complicated kitchen appliance. If you follow the above tips, then you can get the most out of your device. Use the mixing gadget with full swing and try the best in baking.

Andy Brown

Andy Brown is a culinary scientist and have years of experience on food sampling and recipes. He loves to share kitchen tips and the ideal gadgets needed for your cooking expeditions. Its a pleasure to help you find gadgets among millions.

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