8 Tips and Tricks of Deep Frying

Deep Frying Tips

Deep frying crisps are a guilty pleasure in our minds. It is that one unhealthy desire that allures our appetite. Also, it is an easy method to prepare your food quickly. So much love for this junk can go in vain if your frying is not perfect. Tricks of deep frying can make things easier for you. 

The best fries are the strokes of a master who knows exactly how to play with oils. It is the hidden secrets that bring the taste of your desire.

You need to know the inside stories to burn it to perfection. Let's dig some tips and tricks to master in crispy appetite.

Tricks of Deep Frying

Your home deep fryer is off no big use unless you know the tricks to use it properly. Here are the list of simple tips to get you the best crisps of your desire.

1. Pick the Right Oil

Many of us don't even bother about oil choice. But, this is an important factor for deep frying. Oils with high smoke points work best for deep frying.

The smoke point is the temperature at which oil starts to produce smoke. Oils like peanut oil, sunflower oil, canola oil work perfect for deep frying.

On the other hand, oil with low smoking points such as olive oil works great for dips and salad items. Trying olive oil in a deep fryer can burn it quickly. You will lose the natural flavor and a bitter taste is on the card.

2. Use of Proper Equipment

Deep frying is at its best in a deep fryer. But, if you don't have one, then what alternatives to try? Well, you can try a cast-iron Dutch oven for this.

They are sturdy and can retain heat for a long. Remember, whichever pot you use, it must hold the heat for a long. This is one of the conditions to make your food crispy.

Whichever method you go after, try a slotted spoon or a skimmer for deep frying. No wonder, there will be oil drips.

Use the skimmer to drain as much oil as you can. Last but not least, don't forget to put the crisp over a paper or tissue paper. That will soak oils from your crisp as well.

3. Cut Food into Uniform Pieces

It is the chopping that plays big in frying. No wonder, too thick and bigger pieces will absorb too much oil and may not be crispy either.

Whatever item you are frying, it has to be in uniform pieces. That allows even heating and the perfect crispiness of your desire.

4. Season with Flour

Flour plays an important role to make the fry crispy and tasty. The importance adds more to food like Twinkies and fish fries. Also, you can add salt, pepper, and other spices to make the batter yummier for you.

Adding flour not only makes it crisp but also makes the batter thick. So, the food you fry remains warm for a long.

Other than spicy fries, you can add a few sugar and cocoa powder with flour to make it a sweet one. This is one simple trick to make your fries to perfection with a wide variety of tastes.

5. Avoid Overcrowding the Oil

This is the most common mistake in deep-frying. Yes, you overcrowd your oil and expect a perfect output from it.

Overcrowding absorbs too much heat from the oil and loses the temperature for crisp. A temperature of less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit is not suitable for your deep frying.

Overcrowding also causes oil splattering and uneven cooking. It becomes difficult to control all fried items and some of them get overheated. This results in over-browning and a bitter taste.

Make sure you are frying it to a limit and maintain the proper temperature for a perfect crisp. Try only a batch that you can control at a time.

6. Safety First

When you are going for deep frying, safety is always a prime concern. Whichever option you choose- a Dutch oven or a countertop deep fryer, it is always dangerous to handle a bowl filled with hot oil.

Before deep-frying, the first thing to assure is dryness. Yes, the food you will fry must be dry enough to avoid splattering.

Second, keep the lid at a nearby distance. Third, make sure that kids are out of your kitchen. Fourth and the most important one, never fill the pot to its capacity.

Fill it to half or two-third for a safe play. Choosing a pot with a wider base and a stick makes it easy for you. Also, a safe option for deep frying.

7. Do Not Use Salt Before Frying

In most cases, we season the food with salt and pepper and then go for frying. But, that should be avoided in deep frying. Salt can splatter the hot oil out of your pot.

Even if you use an oil with a lower smoke point, it still splashes a bit. Instead, add salt just after you take the food out of the oil. This will easily stick the salt to your food and there is no harm to its overall taste.

8. Dispose of Oil Properly

This is where a deep fryer plays big. Most of them have a filter to dispose of oil and reuse it 3 to 4 times. For other options, you can use cheesecloth to dispose of the oil. O

Once it is disposed of, store it in a cool dark place. Try not to use more than 3 times for the same oil. Repeated use of oil creates more oxidation with the pot.

That causes the smoke point to fall significantly. So, it will produce the smoke at a lower temperature and can easily burn your fries.

Also, it would be an unhealthy option to go for. Remember, fresh oils are the best for your frying and good for your health.

Bottom Line

Deep fry is special for its characteristics crispiness. You may hardly find someone who doesn't love much a few crisps. But, it is the art of deep-frying that allows you to enjoy that taste. Follow the above-listed tips and tricks to master your deep-frying skills.

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