Best Beverage Fridge 2021

Best Beverage Fridge

Who does not love a chilled beer after hours of work? Some say it is in their vein. The day sounds incomplete without a good drink. Go and grab a chilled beverage to recharge yourself. Well, the uses of the best beverage fridge 2021 come here to play.

Some people just love to fill up a thirst while some lives on the beverage. For them, a dozen of can or bottle is not enough to store in a fridge. They need a special one only for a beverage.

The best beverage fridges are well-made only to chill drinks. They have an adjustable thermostat to keep the beverage in coldness just to the limit you want. 

Also, in most cases, they have a see-through door to look after your cans or bottles. So, you get to know which one to refill on the next weakened. The dimension is so standard that you can put it in the office, bedroom, and gym or even take it to travels.

Parties sound incomplete without the best use of a beverage fridge. Let's dive deep to know more about beverage fridges.

Top 6 Best Beverage Fridges

  1. 1
    hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator 
  2. 2
    NewAir 126 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge
  3. 3
    Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator
  4. 4
    Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler
  5. 5
    Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator 
  6. 6
    Kalamera 24 inch Beverage Refrigerator 

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Fridge 01

This is one of the best space-saving beverage refrigerators for its goods. The unit is 3.2 cubic feet and features an elegant see-through with a stainless steel frame. Also, it has an interior LED light to illuminate in the nighttime.

The unit is also good for its large capacity. It can hold up to 120 standard size soda or beer cans easily.

Besides, it has three adjustable and removable chrome shelves for drink organizations. Guess what? This unit comes with a single touch temperature control.

Other than that, it has a large display for quick monitoring and temperature settings. Its unparalleled memory system can restore the present temperature

when it is unplugged or power outage. Its strong thermostat allows you to cool as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. This fridge is also designed with an additional temperature sensor for auto defrost mode.

Its 240watt powerful system is energy efficient for its users. Not only that, but also its whisper convection fan can consistently circulate air for uniform cold inside.

Make sure you don't use it for vegetables, meats, and fruits. This is only for chilled beverages like soft drinks and beer.

I found it as a good budget mini fridge for beers. Its space-saving, and I can store over 100 cans of beer. Why only beer? Coca-cola, Mountain dew, or even Starbucks Cold Coffee. It is noise-free and good for its quality. The perfect mate for holiday hangouts and chilled parties.

Joseph Rodney


  • Large capacity- 120 standard size soda cans.
  • Interior LED light.
  • Large digital display.
  • Whisper quiet compressor.


  • There is no auto light feature.

NewAir 126 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge

Beverage Fridge 02

If you are looking for a large capacity mini-refrigerator, then this can be a top choice. The New Air AB-1200 can hold up to 126 cans in its storage. The unit is 18.25 inches wide and 19 inches deep in its dimension.

Other than that, it has five removable chrome racks to fit any size bottle or cans in your fridge. Also, it features double panned glass door to provide insulation and proper see-through.

The sturdy stainless steel door is durable. Not only that, but also it has a reversible recessed handle so that you can open in either direction.

That's not all! It has seven custom thermostat settings to keep soda and beer to your desired temperature. When it comes to the compressor, it is so powerful to chill down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, its internal LED light keeps it enlightens in the nighttime. This fridge is spacious and offers 3.4 ft.³ of space inside. That's enough to organize a party or for a family.

Hola! That's what exactly makes your day after a hard toil. A spacious mini-fridge for all cold beverages. I don't get enough time to hit the grocery, but when I do, I make sure the fridge is full. Yes, full of chill and satisfaction. It is spacious; the temperature is adjustable and durable. The shiny stainless steel is gorgeous for the kitchen as well. I damn love it. The best buddy of every hangout.

Jonathon Tyson


  • Customize your temperature.
  • Adjustable chrome racks to fit any can size.
  • Powerful compressor.
  • Large capacity to hold 126 cans.


  • A bit noisy.

Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Fridge 03

When it comes to quality and style, this is an item to look for. The unit features a transparent glass door with a stylish black frame. So, it is easy to look after your beverages with pleasure.

Not only that, but also it has LED interior light for day and night. This is also an option for large storage. Yes, you can store up to 120 cans or 35 bottles.

That is quite a good capacity for its space. The sturdy stainless steel shelves are removable. So, you can adjust the interior space just the way you want.

To add more- it features a large digital display and touches control. Here you can easily set a temperature between 40°F- 61°F. Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic lock function.

Besides, it is also good for its powerful compressor. Last but not least, you will get 90 days of free replacement for any quality problem.

Parties are undone with the best mini beer fridge. Nothing is more relaxing than chilled beer with friends. When I unboxed it, I was a bit disappointed. There are scratches over the surface. Later I discovered, the fridge had a protective film to protect from scratches. So, it is new and shiny anyway. It's damn easy to control the temperature and so far, so good. I am blessed to have this in my side.

Edward McClain


  • Dual-pane tempered glass door.
  • Efficient Cooling System.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel.
  • 90 days of free replacement.


  • It is a bit noisy.

Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler

Beverage Fridge 04

This is the perfect countertop wine cooler in the kitchen. It is small and space-saving, yet it holds up to 60 can of 220ml. Other than cans, you can try 17 bottles of 750ml in its 1.6 cubic feet spacious interior.

This free-standing cooler features a transparent glass door with a black frame for quality see-through. Just like others, it has an LED bulb for a relaxed look after on beverages. 

Besides, its energy-efficient cooling system makes no more than 38db noise. That is almost noise-free at function. Well, the unit also features an adjustable thermostat with 3-grade temperature control. 

You can customize its temperature from 40°F- 61°F. So, you can perfectly chill your beverage the way you want. That's not all! The company offers a free replacement policy in the first 30 days if you find any defects in its quality.

I have two of these cooler- one in office and others in the kitchen. For me, it's really important to get a drink and fuel back to work. This cooler is small but standard to hold enough cans. I just need to replace my drinks once a week. That's OK with me. It's been more than six months, and to be honest, I have zero complaints about this. A perfect piece of delight.

Robert Patterson


  • Affordable and space-saving.
  • No more noise.
  • Adjustable temperature of 40°F- 61°F degree Fahrenheit.
  • 90 days of free replacement.


  • It is so small and can hold only 60 cans.

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Fridge 05

The Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator is a quality item of its own. The unit measures 18.5" Long x 17" Wide x 33" High. The space-saving fridge is designed with high profile fan-forced flushed back.

That allows it to fit cleanly against the wall. Besides, the unit is good enough to hold 12 oz. 120 cans easily. It features soft interior LED lighting with on/off switches.

About temperature control- You can try temperature from high 30ºF - mid 60ºF. Also, its fan-forced circulation maintains a consistent temperature inside.

The best is yet to come! This unit is unique for its cylinder lock. Yes, it has additional security to prevent unauthorized access to the fridge. To hit the final dust, it is backed with one year of limited warranty.

It works great till now. It's over six months of use without any hiccups. The best part of this fridge is the cylinder lock. So, no one can snatch my beers overnight. It felt more like a safety vault. Apart from jokes, this is affordable and easy to adjust the temperature. So, all in all, a great item for beer lovers. Cheese, I am sold!!!

George White


  • Cylinder Lock.
  • Reversible door.
  • Soft interior LED lighting with on/off switch.
  • One-year limited warranty.


  • It is a bit heavy.

Kalamera 24 inch Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Fridge 06

It's time to introduce something spectacular. Yes, the Kalamera 24 inch Beverage refrigerator is no ordinary fridge. This is one of the market best for a good number of reasons.

It is a great storage mini fridge with 23" X24" of floor space. Also, you can store up to 175 cans in this mini beast. The unit features five removable racks to adjust all shapes and sizes of cans and bottles.

On another note, it has a stainless steel frame with a transparent glass front. That too, with blue LED light for easy see-through. Its advanced compressor is whisper quiet.

Also, it is powerful enough to maintain even cold temperatures in the long-run. This unit is also special for its temperature memory function. Yes, it can restore the temperature and back the cooler from power loss. Like most quality fridges, this is also backed with one year of limited warranty.

I had the use of other mini-refrigerators, but those did not last long. No wonder, this is the best mate for wine lover after hard toil relaxation. It's been almost a year, and this one is serving quite well. It is spacious, and I can store more than before. Also, its high technology maintains the cold even in an outage. Cool huh? Yes, it is!!! I damn love it.

Karl Lane

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  • Digital LED temperature control.
  • Temperature memory function.
  • Large capacity of 175 cans.
  • One-year limited warranty.


  • It is expensive.

Buying Guide: Beer Fridge

It is not unusual to get lost among hundreds of mini-fridges online. To find a convenient one, you better consider some features beforehand. These are-

1. Size and Capacity

The size has a lot to do with its capacity. Try to know how many bottles or cans you can store in your selected items.

You pick your fridge according to needs. Also, look for its dimension, whether it sets to your places like the office or home.

2. Noise

This is important if you are planning to put the fridge in your bedroom or somewhere in the corner of your office.

No one would love a noisy machine to interrupt their work. Check the reviews carefully and look for fridges with almost zero noise.

3. Additional Features

Additional features like cylinder lock or reversible doors are extra positive. Features like automatic defrost are some real benefits. No wonder all fridges serve the same purposes. So, dig more to find more benefits.

4. Temperature Control

Almost all modern-day mini-fridges have a wide range of temperature control. A wide range brings more flexibility to store different items.

Some people love it ice cold while others just want it only mild. Also, look for digital display and easy control panel to adjust desired temperatures.

5. Warranty

Not all fridges come up with warranty or customer support. Only a few of them come up with such benefits. Why is it important?

You don't really want to catch a failure when your fridge is loaded with 100 cans. Quality customer support or warranty can help you to rescue the mission.

6. Customer Review

The last parameter, but the most useful one to determine your fridge is the customer review. Online market places are studded with hundreds of cheap quality items.

Only quality products have better customer ratings. Read a few comments to get some insight into your desired product.

Benefits of Beverage Fridge

There are enough reasons to go for beverage fridges. Some of them are-

1. Supports big family

Having a beverage fridge omits the need to refill your fridge with beverages now and then.

You can also store versatile drinks like cold coffee, beer, juice, milkshakes, and even mineral water. That meets the demand of the entire family.

2. Party in on

A beverage fridge is good enough to support your chilled parties anytime. Hot BBQ and sausage are incomplete without chilled drinks. Occasional hangouts with friends and relatives get livelier when you ooze out chilled beers in mugs.

3. Decorative Enhancement

It is not that the beverage fridge is your practical chilled solution. But, it is also an item of decorative enhancement.

Most fridges have interior LEDs and a good source to wow your guest in living rooms or dining. The stainless steel brushed outlook can be the focal point of all attention.

4. Affordable Unit

You can always get a quality beverage fridge within 500 dollars or so. This is space-saving and meets all your thirst demands. Furthermore, some brands offer warranty and customer support. So, you are good to go for at least five years or more.

5. Temperature Control

Sometimes it may not be possible to set temperature for your unique beverage items. That is because you have to consider other foods like meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese and more.

But, in a beverage fridge, you can. Yes, you can customize temperature for any particular drinks like wine, beer, juice, or shakes.

Types of Mini Refrigerators

Are all mini-refrigerators the same? Not really! They have slight marginal differences in shapes and uses. It's time to know more about these variants.

1. Cube fridges

This is the most popular and low-priced of all mini-fridges. They are generally of low capacity and contains near about 60 standards can beverages. Also, they are energy-efficient, and some models are good enough for countertop uses.

2. Mid-size mini fridges

They are bigger in size than cube fridges. You will get different shelves- mostly removable and large capacity to store more. This variant is good enough to store 100 or more cans at a time.

3. Counter High compact fridge

As the name suggests, this fridge offers the same height as a counter. They are costly but energy-efficient than other variants. Also, you will find a reasonable capacity to store nearly 100 or more cans.

4. Travel Mini fridge

They are small and lightweight, just what you need in your travel. In most cases, they run on battery, and you can store a small volume of drinks and food in it.

How to Take Care of Your Mini-Fridge

If you are up to take care of mini-fridge, then surely it will last long. Here are some tips that you can apply to your gadget.

1. Keep It Straight

Make sure your fridge is upright for the best mechanical uses. Even if you feel to lay it down, you better not to lay it completely. Rather, slant it to the wall for quality performance.

2. Clean it Up

Once you have started to load your drink on a mini-fridge, clean it up for at least once a week.

Try to inspect expired food items like milk, cheese, fruits, or veggies and get rid of them to keep it clean. Clean any sort of spillage and make sure you have a fresh interior for your drinks.

3. Defrost

If you are going out on holiday, make sure you defrost the fridge for a better shelf-life. It is better to defrost the fridge in no less than 24 hours prior to leaving.

You just need to disconnect the plug for loss of power. Then put a towel or tray to catch any water. Now leave it overnight and wipe out the moisture and rest it to a good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Do wine bottles stand upright in a mini-chiller?

A: Yes. You just need to reconfigure the shelves. Almost all mini-fridges have removable racks. So you can fit any bottle of different sizes and shapes.

Q 2: How long does this mini-fridge last?

A: Well, that depends on brands and their quality. Generally, most brands come up with one year of warranty. With safe uses, it is expected to last for at least five years or more. In fact, quality ones last near about ten years smoothly.

Q 3: Does mini-fridges consumes a lot of power?

A: Not at all! Most mini-fridge consumes less than 300 kilowatts per hour. In one consumer report, the annual cost of energy-efficient mini-fridge is no more than 30 dollars. If you break down to money, it won't cost more than 3 dollars a month for power consumption.

Q 4: Is it possible to plug a mini-fridge to a regular outlet?

A: These fridges are no different with regular size electrical cord. So, yes, you can plug it in any standard wall outlet. Besides, once you plugged it, wait for at least three hours before you put your beverage to chill.

Final Verdict

Mini-fridge are probably the best friends in scorching days of summer. It's not that you use a beer fridge for beers only. Put any beverages like cold drinks, cold coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, water bottles, or wine.

This will keep your thirst chilled and intact throughout the day. Here at the hot kitchen deal, we have listed some of the best quality mini-fridges for you. Pick any one of these to keep yourself chilled and hydrated.

Andy Brown

Andy Brown is a culinary scientist and have years of experience on food sampling and recipes. He loves to share kitchen tips and the ideal gadgets needed for your cooking expeditions. Its a pleasure to help you find gadgets among millions.

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