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Manual Coffee Grinder

Hello, coffee lovers!!! How would you like to start a fresh day with full heart energy? The answer is a cup full of aroma with heavenly taste. Yes, a cup of happiness!!! The best coffee always depends on the ground. The best hand crank coffee grinder 2021 can help to grind coffee beans into fine powders.

 Powders can extract well. From flavor to fragrance, everything depends on the grind. So, a good ground coffee comes before good taste!! The manual coffee grinders are relatively simplistic in design and are easy to use.

It is also a budget-friendly solution to grind coffee for home and office. The best part is- it does not need any electricity or power source. They are portable and operate well in all conditions. 

Top 10 Best Hand Crank Coffee Grinder

  1. 1
    JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder 
  2. 2
    Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill
  3. 3
    Triple Tree Manual Coffee Mill Grinder 
  4. 4
    KONA Manual Coffee Grinder 
  5. 5
    Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder 
  6. 6
    Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder 
  7. 7
    Silva Manual Coffee Grinder 

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual 01

JavaPresss is the most popular manual coffee grinder in the market. Why is it so? Its built-in adjustable grind selector ensures 100% precision control over the coarseness of coffee beans.

It is built with a durable stainless steel body. Also, it removes 90% noise from that of an electric grinder. Not only that, but also its dual ceramic burr ensures fine powders at the end.

So, you can have a better extract of your coffee. The 18 click settings grinder is also affordable and easy to use.

I've used the JavaPresse coffee grinder for the last three months. It grinds so well that powder extracts all aroma of the beans. It tastes smooth! Mention not; it is lightweight and portable. The important fact is, it does not have annoying noise like electric ones. A cool piece to have in dine.

Mike Robins


  • Compact and lightweight grinder.
  • Affordable price.
  • Dual plate burr produces fine particles.


  • It cannot grind a large volume of coffee at a time.

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill

Manual 04

Hario Skerton's product is the highest capacity manual grinder of all. It can hold 100g of coffee beans at a time — also, a versatile mill with a full range of grind sizes.

You can choose almost any brew method with this. It has a large set of conical ceramic burrs to grind beans quickly. That also maintain their edges longer than steel burrs. So, every time you grind, it produces a precise and uniform grind.

That's not all! You can detach its ergonomic crank handle and store it anywhere you want. The non-slip rubber base keeps the mill in place to make life easy. Last but not least, it is also dishwasher safe.

After much research, I decided to purchase the Hario Skerton Pro. I am delighted with it. Though it costs more than other grinders, it's worth it. I found it easy to use and clean; I can grind more at a time. Guess What? I am enjoying the ritual of grinding every morning. It's fun! I love this new way to add more flavors to my cup of happiness!!

Steven Hart


  • High capacity grinder.
  • Non-slip rubber base for stability.
  • Ergonomically designed Handle.


  • The glass hopper is fragile.

Triple Tree Manual Coffee Mill Grinder

Manual 05

Who does not want a coffee grinder with high capacity? In a manual grinder, you don't want to put effort again and again. Triple Tree manual grinder is a good option for that.

The ergonomically design stainless steel handle makes it fun to grind coffee into powders. A better grind means a better cup of coffee. Its ceramic burr does not produce heat during grinding.

Not only that, but also its silicon lid is soft and is suitable to add beans. You can also adjust nut control to get coffee fine or rough. It is easy to wash, and you can disassemble this coffee mill into parts.

The accessories that came with it was in a nice touch. I can grind 100g of beans with the ease of its Handle. It does not add heat during grinding. Other than that, it allows me to adjust the nut to get coffee in rough or in fine powders. The taste and aroma depend on grinds — all in all, a cool piece in dining.

Reagan Martin.


  • Ergonomically designed Handle.
  • Ceramic burr will not add heat during grinding.
  • Disassemble into parts.


  • It takes a little longer to grind coffee beans.

KONA Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual 06

Who does not want to prepare incredible coffee every time? KONA manual coffee grinder has a built-in stabilizer with 18 click settings. 

This allows you to adjust coffee from coarse to fine grind powders. Its crystal clear glass can hold up to 50g of grounds. Fair enough to make 3 cups of happiness.

Also, the machine is quiet and portable everywhere. You can afford this with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Easy to use, fits nicely in my hand while I turn the Handle to grind the beans. Also, you can adjust the ground you want. I love to make coarse ground for the French press. That is because I don't end up with a lot of sediment like a blade grinder. So, yeah, it sounds good. Just the way I wanted!!!

Asif Yousuf


  • Detachable Handle for secure storage.
  • 18 click settings.
  • Quiet and easy to clean.


  • Its hopper is a bit too small.

Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual 07

This is a basic grinder that does the job for your coffee brew. You can adjust your grind for the best of flavors.

The stainless steel and ceramic integrate to ensure the durability of the product.
Khaw Fee also has a rubber top to keep the beans from spilling out of the hopper.

You will feel comfortable with the Handle in every grind. The machine is easy to disassemble and clean. The super quiet grinder offers a lifetime money-back guarantee too.

This is my first experience grinding my coffee beans. I'm enjoying this grinder. You just need to move that Handle and get back to your country's life. Guess what? No annoying noise as well. Just a couple of minutes before you sip in your mug of happiness.

Dana Lee


  • The silicone base holds the grinder in place while grinding.
  • Super quiet and easy to use.
  • Rubber at the top prevents beans from spilling.


  • Its glass hopper is fragile.

Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual 08

You cannot expect a better cup of coffee without a proper grinding. Handground does that consistently with its hand crank mill. Not only that but also you can adjust to 15 different settings.

Also, its 40 mm conical ceramic burr mill and triple mounted axle eliminate wobbling. You can remove the hand crank whenever you want. The good note continues- This machine produces 90% less noise than any electric grinder.

The portable mill is just perfect for camping, traveling, and all. Easy to store and easy to clean. One last thing it covers a whole year of warranty too. 

I purchased this grinder seven months ago, and it's been used, on average, five days a week. There are no failures of any kind. Guess what? It's playing the crucial role of my coffee game. Though it takes time, I love the way it works. A good mate in every run!!!

Charles Martinez


  • 15-preset grind settings on the outside.
  • Reduces wobbling with a broader bottom.
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting ceramic burrs.


  • This grinder is expensive in comparison to others.

Silva Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual 09

Adjusting grinds with a set of selectors is what most people look for. If you are one of them, then Silva's manual coffee grinder is the one for you.

You can grind beans without batteries, power, or noise. Also, there are no questions about its in-built stainless steel quality.

The lightweight, portable machine is affordable. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! It offers a lifetime warranty and a complete refund in the first 30 days of purchase.

I bought this grinder for my husband, who is a total coffee snob. We love going camping and drinking coffee in the morning. He does not like ground beans. So, a portable grinder is a perfect solution for us. Silva manual grinder is durable and produces the finest of coarse we want. It's fun to enjoy a cup of happiness in every morning. The best buy of the season!!

Leticia Cummings


  • Lightweight and portable grinder.
  • Stainless steel body and ceramic burrs.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The crank handle may slip off.

Buying Guide of Manual Coffee Grinder

Finding the best grinder is no big task. Though, it is not how well you grind beans. It is how efficient and how comfortable you are with the grinder.

Only the best of grind produces the prefect coarseness for your brew. Considering some features can help you to find a convenient one.

1. Material

First things first! While you choose a grinder to value your money, you will look for its materials. Well- built, high-quality materials ensure its long-lasting service. You will find a dozen of the manual grinder with stainless-steel bodies.

Another popular variant comes with ceramic and glasses. Choose the mills that can withstand hazards and perils of outdoor use. Also, glass and ceramics are fragile. So, they must be used with proper care.

2. Grind Settings

Grind setting is essential for the particle size. The taste of brew heavily depends on the coarseness of the particles. Fine particles work well on espresso, while more coarse particles are for French press coffee maker.

In manual grinders, you may get 10 to 18 click settings for the grind. Different settings allow you to choose the perfect particle size for your desired brew.

3. Capacity

Most manual grinders take a bit more time than electric grinders. So, capacity stands tall as a significant factor. Different models offer different sizes. There are models that can hold up to 100g of beans.

Another thing to focus is- while you travel, you may need a grinder with a larger capacity. You don't want to waste your valuable time in grinding beans over and over again. So, pick the mill of significant size.

4. Noise level

Noisy stuff is often annoying to users. A significant number of people avoid electric grinder just because of noise. Though manual grinders take more of a time than electric ones, it still marks its value to users.

It offers a 90% lesser sound than electric grinders. Tell me who loves to accept high disturbance while you are enjoying the morning calmness in sleep — almost no one.

5. Burr Size and Speed

These are the two factors that people often overlook while choosing their grinder. These can have a significant effect on crushing beans to powder. Larger Burrs produces consistent grinding.

On the other side, High speed makes sure you grind those beans faster. Another factor is that high-speed produces heat. This may affect the taste of your coffee. This is an issue that is concurrent with smaller burrs.

Therefore, it will be wise to choose a machine that offers larger burrs with faster speed. Also, you can go after gadgets with low-speed and smaller burrs. Your budget, your decision!

Grind Size and Coffee Taste

Most pre-ground coffee comes in medium size. That is good for standard percolator coffee pot. But, a hand crank grinder allows you to crush beans to any desired size. This has a significant effect on the overall taste of the coffee.

Surely, grind size play on your brewing process too. Coarse grinds are best to make a cup of a French press, while fine powders are good for espresso shots. Manual coffee grinders have up to 18 click settings to grind beans of your desired size.

Let's make it simple- large coarse size is for longer coffee brews. But, the finer ground is for a quicker brew. The size of the grind is the surface area that is exposed to the added water. Because of more surface area in finer particles, hot water can easily extract the flavors in a quick time.

On the other hand, the too coarse ground is often under-extracted and results in sour or a salty taste. But, too fine particles extract the most and are well-known for their bitter taste. So, there is a lot to play with coffee taste by altering its grind size.

Benefits of Manual Coffee Grinder

Though manual hand crank coffee grinders are not speedy, yet they are good for many a reason. Some of these include-
1. It does not require any electricity or battery. So, it is a cost-effective option for coffee grinding.
2. The gadget is lightweight and portable—the perfect item for outdoor expeditions or in traveling.
3. It is easy to use and clean.
4. Manual grinders are much quieter than automatic grinders.
5. This is more affordable than electric grinders.
6. Most of these grinders last long.
7. Manual grinding allows you to enjoy the process of making coffee. You can actually get its aroma as soon as you start grinding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How long do manual coffee grinders take to grind?

A: For a big cup of coffee, you have to grind beans for at least one minute. For two to three cups, you can grind for nearly two minutes. Besides, grinding time depends on your desired texture. For fine particles, you have to grind more; if you are a coarse lover, than 30 seconds would be enough for you.

Q 2: Are manual coffee grinders better than electric ones?

A: Manual coffee grinders are better in terms of simplicity. Also, they are portable, and you don't need any power source to grind beans. Another good reason to choose manual grinders over electric ones is they are so lightweight. Also, an affordable unit that suits everyone's budget.

Q 3: Is it difficult to grind your own coffee?

A: Absolutely, not! Anyone can do that with ease. You just need to add beans and set the grind settings. Now move the hand crank to crush beans of your desire. It's fun and exciting to prepare your own mug of happiness. That too, in a quick time.

Final Verdict

A good coffee cup depends on a tasty brew, and a good brew depends on the quality grind. Most manual grinders are lightweight and portable. So, before you buy, check the features of your need. Features like price, consistency, grind settings, in-built quality accounts more.

Another important fact is, manual grinder produces 90% lesser noise than electric ones. Though it takes time, you will get the perfect coarseness for your coffee.

Andy Brown

Andy Brown is a culinary scientist and have years of experience on food sampling and recipes. He loves to share kitchen tips and the ideal gadgets needed for your cooking expeditions. Its a pleasure to help you find gadgets among millions.

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