Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pits 2021

Best outdoor propane fire pits

Nothing beats the feeling of a campfire in hot summer days. Indeed, the days of adventure are captured in memories. To revitalize your memories and good feelings of a campfire, you can set a fire pit table in the patio. The best outdoor propane fire pits 2021 in the patio can give you some hours of relaxation with friends and family.

You can customize the flames you ignite and bring the perfect warmth in the chilling night. Also, these tables are great aesthetics to your backyard and garden. However, a table to glue the family in evening and to enjoy dancing blaze with music.

Propane fire pits are also easy to operate with a control knob. In addition, the lava rock it provides can consistently produce a flame for hours long. In most cases, there are protective covers to save it in all weather conditions. Let's dive deep to know more about these outdoor propane fire pits.

Best Propane Fire pit

  1. 1
    TACKLIFE Propane Fire Pit Table
  2. 2
    Endless Summer GAD15258SP LP Gas Outdoor Fire Table
  3. 3
    Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl Column
  4. 4
    Best Choice Fire Pit Set
  5. 5
    Best Choice Fire Pit for Backyard
  6. 6
    KINGSO Outdoor Fire Pit
  7. 7
    Christopher Knight Home Aidan Outdoor Rectangular Fire Table 
  8. 8
    Ashley Furniture Signature Design Round Fire Pit Table

TACKLIFE Propane Fire Pit Table

Firepits 01

TACKLIFE is a real performer in your modern lifestyle. In fact, the multifunctional fire pit can be converted into a coffee table, casual bar, outdoor dining table, and more.

Besides, this is a table with a stainless steel burner and an external metal switch. And, yes, volcanic stones are included with this table.

Only 28 inches outdoor fire table with a heat output of 50 thousand BTU is enough to provide ample warmth.

Not to forget that this is CSA certified table. So, you can use propane fuel for stable and green fuel. That, too, without ash and smog production.

This table is also alluring for its unique craftsmanship. Indeed, the metal tabletop and an antique copper art finish are what make it more enticing. Guess what? It’s all durable and backed with quality assurance.

Not only that, but also the table is easy to move, and you can adjust its flames in seconds. Last but not least, this quality table has 24 months warranty and professional after-sale services.

I am so glad that I ordered this. Its lava rock is hideous, and I can easily move the table in both indoor and outdoor. Though assembly was a tough start but controlling flame was never difficult. This is stylish and good for its price. I have no regrets.

Lisa Hayes


  • Durable material and quality assurance.
  • 50000 BTU heat output.
  • 24 months warranty.


  • Difficult to assemble.

Endless Summer GAD15258SP LP Gas Outdoor Fire Table

Firepits 02

Endless summer is indeed one of the best outdoor fire pits in the market. That is why, it is designed with the best combination of the latest trends and technology.

Furthermore, this table features stylish slate tile hearth and stamped steel leaf design at the base. The table dimension is 30” W x 30” L x 25.4” H.

This table is also good for its heat output. Yes, 50 thousand BTU with stainless steel burner and integrated ignition assure decent warmth.

Also, there is brown fire glass, table insert, and protective cover with the package. One downside is it does not come up with an LP tank. So, you have to buy it separately.

Besides, its door conceals fuel sources. Also, the control panel is hidden. So, that makes the outlook gorgeous. Also, you can use it in a patio for the party experience. And yes! It is backed by a year of warranty. Not only that, but also you will get user manual and quality customer support.

This fire pit table complements my patio nicely. I found it relatively easy to assemble and control than the previous one. Guess what? Fifty thousand BTU is what it produces. That is enough to pull off jackets at midnight chills of November. Also, it has protective covers to store for long. Very pleased to have this for my garden. I am sold!!!

Richard Torres


  • 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner.
  • Hidden control panel with electric ignition.
  • One year-long warranty.


  • Does not include screws with the item.

Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl Column

Firepits 03

Stacked stones and stunning fire columns can turn you back to medieval ages. The outlook of this propane fire pit is exclusive for any patio or backyard space. In addition, it features a proCoat coating system to guard the unit against UV and temperature.

Other than that, the salts it has prevents cracking, fading, and chipping. Besides, its weather-resistant material is perfect for long-lasting outdoor use.

Also, the table is fueled with a 20lb propane tank that is concealed in the internal compartment. You will also receive natural lava rock to cover the stainless steel burner.

This fire pit is also convenient for its adjustable flame control. Furthermore, you can adjust flames to the desired size with a convenient control knob. Also, its pulse ignition allows easy lighting and extinguishing of the flame.

Guess what? Forty thousand BTU heat is never inadequate to provide warmth. With a user manual and one year of warranty, this is a pick of an item in the list.

Oh man, this fire pit is pure beauty. I am an archeo lover, and this stone-built fire pit suits my taste. This one is super easy to control, and I can literally adjust its flame. The 20lb propane tank is good enough to run over a month. That's cost-effective as well. Overall, a heck of an item.

Graig Soliz


  • Adjustable flame height.
  • Pulse ignition and convenient control knob.
  • Excellent heat output.


  • It is a bit heavy.

Best Choice Fire Pit Set

Firepits 04

Are you looking for a staggering outdoor propane fire pit? Then watch out for this cool fire pit table with side table tank storage.

In fact, the side table is good enough to hold food and drinks with more aesthetics in your decor. Also, it allows you to double your storage for the propane tank.

This fire table is all ideal with 50,000 BTU heat output. So, you can try roasting marshmallows or mini campfire in your backyard.

Indeed, the perfect mate for the autumn and late winter. That is why, the table is built with high-quality, sturdy steel and cast wood in its finish. Also, its farmhouse slab-style design can easily fit to any outdoor area.

Just like others, it is also easy to use. Conceding that, Simply turn the knob to create flames on lava rocks. Also, there is a weather-resistant pit cover for protection. Not only that, but also a hose is included for the propane tank. With warranty and instruction manual, this is one quality piece of desire.

This fire pit is pure love. It came fully assembled, so no big pain to put in pieces. The best part is the side table. Also, there is one extra piece wide opened my beer luxury. Nothing is more pleasing than sitting near to hot flame in the midnight chills. Oh yes, I forgot to mention its outlook. That's fabulous.

Robert Vargas


  • Multifunctional side table.
  • Weather-resistant pit coverage.
  • Side handle for an easy move.


  • It is a bit pricey.

Best Choice Fire Pit for Backyard

Firepits 05

The natural stonework design can adorn your patio. Indeed, this fire pit has everything you need. It features a one-step ignition button and flame control adjustable knob. In fact, that can spark fire up to 30,000 BTU for adequate warmth.

The best is yet to come- it does not require any assembly to use. Yes, it is all ready to use right out of the box. On another note, the unit can hold a 20lb propane tank to ignite flames for hours.

Also, there is a weather-resistant cover to protect it from the sun and rain. Besides, you will get stainless-steel burner, lava rocks, and propane hose. To sum up, a simple yet stylish fire table for outdoor.

I absolutely love it. It came all in great condition. No hassle of assembling. Just put it in place and connect the propane tank with a hose. You are all ready to go for an amazing blaze. Though there is one down line- lava rocks were not adequate. So, I had to buy more for better flames. Overall, that's a cheese.

Dona Hogan


  • No assembly required.
  • Weather-resistant cover.
  • One-step spark-ignition button.


  • No warranty.

KINGSO Outdoor Fire Pit

Firepits 06

If you are looking for something way affordable for bonfire pit or any outdoor venture, then this is your item.

It is lightweight yet durable with its sturdy stainless steel construction. From BBQ grill to beach parties, it suits in every need of your expedition.

Unlike the propane tank, you can fire with wood chips or charcoal. This is so easy to set that you can assemble in outdoors within minutes. The best feature of all is its safety protocol.

Yes, it features mesh screens to avoid sparks, debris, and embers from flying out. Even if you are not satisfied, you can shoot an email to the company to fix things up in a quick time.

I mean, this is the perfect buddy for late-night beach parties. Outdoor entertainment sounds incomplete without blazing charcoal. A bit of BBQ is just what makes memories deep and dashing. This one is so easy to assemble, and it is safe to play for its mesh screen. Oh, man! You can't ask better in sixty dollars!!!

Theresa Benton


  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Mesh screen for safety.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Too lightweight and flimsy.

Christopher Knight Home Aidan Outdoor Rectangular Fire Table

Firepits 07

A fire table with an additional tank holder is a real bonus. You can store drinks, food and try it to decor your backyard the way you want.

Both fire tables and tank holders have side handles for easy movement. Importantly, it does not require you to assemble.

With two different colors, this fire table can bring more aesthetic to decor. Also, 50 thousand BTU is no joke but quality warmth for a mild summer night.

The magnesium oxide fire table is too good to go in all seasons. Though there is no warranty for this, proper handling runs this beyond expectation.

I am amazed by its packing. No damage and no need to assemble. This one is pure gorgeous for my patio. I can use the side table for a flower vase, and an old wine bottle with glasses makes things perfect. The dimension is good, and so is its lava rocks. Overall, I feel to give it a good rating.

Charlie Clark


  • No need to assemble.
  • Includes an additional tank holder.
  • Two different colors to complement your decor.
  • One year warranty.


  • It is pricey.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Round Fire Pit Table

Firepits 08

It's time to introduce a jaw-dropping fire pit table in the industry. Indeed, a table that serves both indoor and outdoor needs for its signature design. No wonder, its slate-style design is alluring.

And it is difficult to ignore rustic touch to sleek and contemporary shape. What makes it more special is its multi-functionality. This is equally good as a coffee table or for an outdoor campfire.

The unit is also durable for its rustproof aluminum frame. Besides, it is super easy to operate. It's all push-button battery system to ignite the fire with an adjustable flame.

With 50,000 BTU and CSA certification, this one is a heck of quality. Also, there is a warranty and user manual to add credibility. Not only that, but also it's direct from the manufacturer. 

They will pack and send you in a timely manner. Other than that, the company provides hardware, glass beads, burner cover, and weather cover.

Surely I was skeptical about this. But the pricey table proved its worth. It's dashing!!! Just what I was looking for. A fire pit with standard 50K BTU with CSA certification is a quality one. I can adjust flame heights, and it is all rustproof. So, no real tension for its long going. Just refuel the tank, and you are good to enjoy summer nights.

Justin Mckenzie


  • Weather-proof aluminum frame.
  • Multi-functional.
  • CSA approved fire pit.


  • Assembly required.

Things to consider before buying an outdoor propane fire pit

There are dozens of quality outdoor fire pit tables in the market. Which one suits the best? To find the answer, you need to account a few parameters so that it matches your desire.

1. Durability

This is one of the prime concerns for outdoor fire pits. Look for a table that is well-built with sturdy stainless steel or compact material such as magnesium oxide.

It should be rust-free and weather-resistant for long-lasting use. Also, there are tables with covers to protect it from UV and rain.

2. Size

Size has a lot to do to suit your decor. Some people think the round shape is the best while others opt for a rectangle. The larger size has more surface to spread the warmth. So, pick your table depending on use.

3. Aesthetics

Outdoor fire pits are not only for warmth but also a great piece to decor your personal outdoor space. You can pick a medieval stone shaped table or a black painted stainless steel beauty. People also look for tables that suit the design of their furniture.

4. Portability

Not all these tables are portable. Look for tables that are lightweight so that you can move them freely. Also, there are tables with side handles for easy transport.

Other than portability, you can also look for the assembled unit. Sometimes people face it difficult to assemble the new one with perfection.

5. Warranty

Some brands offer warranty and after-sale customer support. This is a real bonus to replace or refund your table. Manufacturers without a warranty are not bound to support you on any defects.

6. Customer Review

To judge a quality product online, look for its customer ratings. A good product will always have tons of positive feedback from consumers. So, don't shy to scroll down and read some feedback.

Benefits of Propane Fire Pits

Fire pits are the best mates in the chilly evening. The dancing flame under dark starry sky has a profound influence on our mind. Besides, outdoor propane fire pits have other benefits to count.

1.Social Hot Spot

Fire pits are often the social hot spot. A small table can be the centerpiece for any outdoor party. In most cases, people love to enjoy music around a fire pit. Also, sharing memories and chitchats is all centered on that place.

2.Adjustable Flame

This table offers your year-round enjoyment. You can use propane fire pit indoor as the flame heights are adjustable.

Occasions like a BBQ party, or any mini campfire, this comes as the first choice. Tell me who does not want to roast marshmallows in the early days of spring.

3. Versatile

Fire pits are versatile. You can convert it to a coffee table or bar table in times of need. Also, in some fire pits, there is an additional tank holder for food and drinks.

4. Easy to Fuel

These tables are also easy to fuel. One standard propane tank of 20 lbs can fire up no less than 3 hours straight. If its heat output is low, then it can ignite long. No hassle of ashes as lava rocks are solid and fires long till decades.


Most fire pits are affordable. Though there are some high-end tables, you can always find a quality one under 500 dollars or so. Furthermore, there are tables with warranty and customer support.

6. Attractive Decor

Fire pits add more value to your home. You can decor your backyard or patio with the most enviable look. It opens a chance to show your taste to friends and family. Indeed, a great window of appreciation from people.

7. Safe

This is one of the safest tools to play with. Yes, you can customize its flame with a simple knob in seconds. So, you have all control over your fire pits.

Also, these flames are not more than a foot height. That means no big chance of accidents unless you are over careless in its use.

Tips to Set Outdoor Fire Pits

It may look simple to place an outdoor fire pit to anywhere you want. Your patio, backyard, or in the middle of your garden can be the prime choice. But, it would be wise to follow a few guidelines for safe use.

1. First things, first! Keep the fire table at least 12 feet from your house structures. This will be a big help if there is any accidental ignites.

2. Don't place it under low-hanging trees. The better is not to set under trees or any structure. An open area is a safe play in your home.

3. Try to place it in a position where there is less chance of wind. If there is any glass shield, then do use it, or else, you have to ignite it again and again.

4. Last but not least, wherever you place, avoid all sorts of flammable surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How much propane does an outdoor propane outdoor fire pit use?

A:The standard propane tank for the fire pit is 20lb. Depending on fire table BTU ratings, it can blaze from 3 to 9 hours. On average, a 20-pound propane contains 430,000 BTU's.

Q 2: Can I roast marshmallows on propane fire pit?

A: Absolutely, it is possible to roast marshmallows on propane fire pits. Make sure you clean the media regularly for safe eating. A minimum height of six inches from lava rocks is a safe distance to roast your food.

Q 3: Should I put sand in my fire pit?

A: This is not necessary for propane fire pits. In the case of metal fire pits, you can put 2 inches thick sand layer in the bottom of the bowl to protect it. For lava rocks, sands are no big use. Only propane can fuel it for hours without damaging the unit.

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