Fastest Electric Kettle 2021

Fastest Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is one of those kitchen appliances that are easy to use but have a high amount of usage in daily life. In the hectic metro life, this makes your life easy. Fastest electric kettle lets you brew your coffee and espresso within minutes.

It is not that Electric kettle is fast in boiling, but it also preserves heat for at least 30 more minutes. Besides, you can also set the temperature to ensure the water is just right for your definite tea flavor.

Only in the U.S. more than 4 million electric kettles were sold last year. This just clarifies the importance of this gadget in the modern-day kitchen. Another important fact that people started to realize that hot waters are not only for drinks. You can use it to wash a cup and make sure you killed potential germs before you gulp a cup of happiness.

Top 10 Best Fastest Electric Kettle

  1. 1
    AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Kettle
  2. 2
    OVENTE KP72B Electric  Kettle
  3. 3
    The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle
  4. 4
    Hamilton Beach electric kettle 
  5. 5
    Bonavita BV382510V Gooseneck Kettle 
  6. 6
    Ovente 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle 
  7. 7
    Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
  8. 8
    Proctor Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle
  9. 9
    Miroco 1.5L Double Wall Electric Kettle

COSORI Electric Kettle

COSORI Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle ensures that you boil water without changing its taste a bit. You will get the purest taste as it is made of borosilicate glass. The filter is built with stainless steel and 100% BPA-free plastic inner lid.

COSORI electric kettle features with British STRIX thermostat technology. Sounds cool! Yes! It automatically shuts off within 30 seconds after the water has thoroughly boiled. We all want quick boiling.

This gadget can steam off water within 7 minutes. If the water amount is low, it completes the task even earlier. Indeed! A perfect match for the coffee, tea, espresso, pasta, oatmeal, and much more.

I was looking for an electric kettle for easy breathing. Life is so hectic these days. Coffee-yes coffee is the right solution! I sip coffee at least 3 to 4 times a day. So, Kettle plays a significant role. COSORI came to my life and gave me some pace. It is entirely BPA free and has no bad smell of plastic in the water. I can heat water within minutes. Just ready for my coffee and pasta. Undoubtedly an excellent gadget to have in your kitchen!

Mike Atherton


  • 100% BPA free.
  • LED light to water indication.
  • British STRIX thermostat technology


  • This Kettle is a bit heavy for some people.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Kettle

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Kettle

You are looking for an electric kettle that is easy to use and durable? AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle is the right solution.

It concealed heating elements and is made with BPA free stainless steel. The 1-liter capacity and water window for water filling make the tool more comfortable to use. Also, cordless design makes it suitable for portable.

What else you need? It automatically shuts with a boil dry protection for safety. So, you don't have to take extra pressure than when will I shut things off. It understands your needs and is highly precise at work. Last but not least, this product is directly backed by the company for a year of warranty.

This seemed like a great deal, and I like the small size. It is suitable for a quick cup of tea at the office. I also use it regularly at home for the past six months. It's quick and easy to use. The gadget is just quite handy if you are a coffee lover. It automatically shuts off as the boiling gets complete. I also feel secure for at least the next six months as it gave me a year of warranty.

Deanna chase


  • Water window.
  • One-touch operation.
  • Lightweight and sleek design.


  • No LED indicator.

OVENTE KP72B Electric Kettle

OVENTE KP72B Electric Kettle

Ovente is one of the most popular brands of the kettle in the industry. It comes with multiple colors range. The Highly quick electric kettle has a 1.7-liter capacity pot that can boil water in just 6 minutes.

What if there is kettle which saves electricity in real terms? Yes, it is 50% more efficient than any stovetops. Customers are also concerned about BPA. This kettle is entirely free from it. Is that all? Not at all! The washable filter adds more safety for clean water.

Other features like an LED indicator, cool-touch button, secure locking lid makes the kettle comfortable to use. Is there any warranty? Yes, it provides two years straight warranty on its quality.

I purchased this kettle for quickly boiling water at work. It is challenging to manage time when you are busy. This kettle makes you feel relax in those rush hours. You can boil water within few minutes. Just ready for your coffee and pasta. I am using this for the past six months. There is no plastic smell at all. The price is also affordable if you compare other kettles of similar features.

Luther Manzo


  • LED Indicator Light.
  • Automatic Shut-off.
  • Inexpensive and durable.


  • Made of plastic.

The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

The Cuisinart CPK-17

Are you looking for a smart, stylish looking kettle in your kitchen? Then Cuisinart CPK-17 is the one right solution for you. It has a capacity of 1-2/3-liter. There is also a blue backlit water window to ensure that you are well aware of the water level in the kettle.

You can easily remove its lid, and there is also a lid release button on the handle. The smartest handle to bring comfort in boiling water gadgets. The cordless kettle has a 360-degree swivel rotation feature.

Talking about performance-it can keep your water warm for the next 30 minutes. No other kettle brings six separate settings to adjust the temperature. You have that lavish with this one. Sixty dollars, they say! Yes, 60 dollars for a high-quality electric kettle with three years of warranty.

I like coffee than anything else. So, the electric kettle is a must item for me. I have had a couple of pots earlier. This one is special. The cordless kettle has six smart temperature settings. Not only that, it has a blue LED indicator and auto shut off mechanism. Wow! Cool stuff. People often complain about their expenses! Sixty dollars fair enough to run after three safe years. Cheese! Damn good!

Malcolm Stewart


  • cordless kettle.
  • High volume pot. 
  • Auto shut-off mechanism.


  • It is a bit expensive.

Hamilton Beach electric kettle

 Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

The electric kettle is for those who value their kitchen and dining — an item to bring pace in life. Nowadays, people search for cool cordless tools.

Hamilton Beach electric kettle is a perfect solution for that. Its powerful boiling system can boil faster than any microwave.

Besides, it's auto shut-off makes it more comfortable to use. The removable mesh filter allows you easy cleaning. What else you need? A good quality kettle at an affordable price. A pot of choice for millions.

I purchased this kettle for six months. Though I am a coffee lover, I drink espresso and coffee, mostly in the office. I had fewer uses of this tool. Yet, I am happy about its service. A few minutes and warm water is just ready for pasta and coffee. Cool! Need to buy few more cool gadgets from amazon. I need more pace with the least effort.

Cole Johnson


  • This has an indicator light for functional operation.
  • It is a cordless kettle.
  • Affordable to buy


  • This kettle doesn’t have any whistle indicator.

Bonavita BV382510V Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita BV382510V Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita kettle has one of the best gooseneck spouts. This is because it delivers excellent control while pouring. Also, you can heat water to the precise temperature of your need.

What do you search for in modern electric kettle? Exciting features! Yes, element like 60-minute heat-and-hold is cool. Besides, the real-time temperature display makes it even more attractive.

Its stainless steel body also assures safe uses in daily life. Last but not least, the gadget provides one year of straight warranty.

I bought this kettle so that I could heat water to specific temperatures. Coffee may taste different if you brew it with differently boiled water. Hotter water indeed extracts the fragrance better, but it is also true that others may require delicate heat for the perfect taste. You can also set a timer on your desired temperature setting. I am using it for the last year, and it is satisfactory. A year of warranty gives you space to breathe when you are investing 50 dollars on it. Gosh! A product to run in need!

Lance Bundy


  • LCD temperature display.
  • Excellent insulation
  • This kettle uses its heat sources


  • Susceptible to mineral build-up in long term uses

Ovente 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle

Ovente 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle

Wherever you search for the best electric kettle in the internet, you will undoubtedly find Ovente Glass Electric Kettle. Yes, it is that popular. One of the highest-selling dining items of the industry.

Why is it so? First of all, this eco-friendly boiler is entirely BPA-free. You will get the purest of water with no plastic smell.

Secondly, it's auto shuts-off mechanism keeps you safe from fire. Thirdly, it saves a lot more electricity and 50% more efficient than stovetops.

The count continues, 1.5-liter pot operates to boil water in just 7 minutes. The last thing you must be looking for is warranty. 2 years it is. Considering all the factors, the perfect match you need.

This was my second purchase. The first one lasted a year using it consistently multiple times a day. Twenty dollars of investment yearly is never expensive. I am a coffee freak. A day without coffee sounds incomplete. So, fuming hot water is a must-go item. This kettle is easy to use, and the overall performance is just good enough to run. Cheese! I am in pace!

Vincent Carter


  • Cordless and relatively cheap
  • LED light indicator.
  • Filter for scale.
  • Anti-dry-boiling system


  • The handle is thick and is not suitable for small hands.

Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

If I had a wireless kettle that evaporates water within 5 minutes? If I had the luxury to take it anywhere, I want? Wake me up! Hamilton Beach is ready to fill your expectations. Its 1.7-liter pot will automatically shuts-off boiling once it is done with boiling.

The drip-free spout ensures your hand safety while pouring. What else you need! Let me guess! Water level window- it measures the perfect amount every time you need it.

It is one of that rear kettle that cares about water spills. Just press that push-button lid — the easiest and an effective gadget to use in dining.

I am writing this review after having it for a year. It still works as well a year later as on day 1. Yes, it is that good. One of my best buy in amazon. You need pasta, coffee, oatmeals, give me 5 minutes only. I never got weird tasting stuff in this cool shit. It is the best kettle in the market. Guess What! I would repurchase it. But, it seems so well build I might not need to!

Kate Smith


  • It is relatively lightweight.
  • The sturdy handle offers a comfortable grip.
  • It takes less time to fume water.


  • Some people complain that it is a little noisy.

Proctor Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle

Proctor Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle

Nowadays, people prefer lightweight kitchen gadgets. The Proctor silex electric kettle is one of that tool that is made of the plastic body. It has dual water windows to adjust the water level in a 1-liter pot.

Whenever people buy kitchen accessories, they search for fancy features. Does it have those? Yes, it comes with a detachable cord and auto shut-off mechanism. Another fancy stuff is illuminated on/off switch.

It glows when the kettle is in full swing. Talking about quality - you can steam off 7 cups of water within 5 minutes. The last thing you must be looking for is guarantee. The Amazon backs this product for 90 days on purchasing.

I have used this kettle previously. The last one lasted more than a year. Though residues started to build up and it was not easy to clean. But, I am happy about the overall performance. Can't ask more on a 17 dollar investment. Chao! One good investment for students who cannot hit the sack before exam night.

Joyce Wan


  • Affordable unit.
  • Dual water windows.
  • Detachable cord.


  • Heating coil is difficult to clean.

Miroco 1.5L Double Wall Electric Kettle

 Miroco 1.5L Double Wall Electric Kettle

Miroco is a cordless cool touch electric kettle. All of its parts are covered with stainless steel providing a reasonable tag of safety.

Not only that, it is designed with an extra-safe double wall. That resists scratching and protects users from scalding.

Micoro can boil 1.5 L water from 6 to 7 minutes. Also, its wide spout and opening for easy filling bring more comfort to any user. This saves energy and contains auto shut-off technology — a perfect piece in every dining.

This water heater is a perfect choice if your priority is to minimize plastic use. I have had a couple of electric kettles earlier. Those were not BPA-free. A plastic smell ruined every party with the coffee smell. I am a coffee freak, and the best quality is what I look for. I could have to buy an electric kettle with half a cost of this. But this one is full of quality. Never mind spending while there is quality. Cheeeeeese!

Irwin Evans


  • 100% Stainless steel interior.
  • Rapid heating techniques.
  • Extra safe double-wall to prevent scalding.


  • It does not have any water level indicator.

Buying Guide for best Electric Kettle

What are the parameters that one must look for before buying an electric kettle? Yes, an obvious question of every buyer. Though it is not a complicated gadget, yet it requires a bit focus over its features. Let's have a look:

1. The material used

Most users prefer stainless-steel over a plastic material. This is because it is durable, and there is no chance of BPA in water. Another factor is the bad smell of plastics. No one wants to compromise with the water quality for perfect espresso.

2. Electricity Consumption and Boiling Speed

Most electric kettle has near about 1500 watt to steam of water within 5 minutes. They are also 50% more efficient than any stovetops.

3. Safety Features

Safety feature has always been a big concern to every buyer. Automatic shut-off is a common feature in almost every kettle. A technology that takes the pressure off from the user.

Just pour some water, and the kettle automatically shuts off when it completes with boiling. Also, the blue LED indicator operates when the pot is on its way to steam off water. So, the user is well aware of the boiling process.

4. Temperature Control

Though electric kettle is used to boil water, there are some with features of different temperature settings. You can choose the perfect heat for your coffee, espresso, pasta, and many more. Press the cool-touch buttons, and you will be done with ease.

5. Water level Window

Some kettles do have a water level window. A feature that allows you to pour the correct amount of water to boil. It also works well, especially in times of refill. Little amount fumes earlier, and the large quantity needs more of a time.

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Final Verdict

About kettle- it is that item that may sound unnecessary. Yet again, you will find this as the most useful tool of your dining. It is one of those tools that have no significant complications. Anyone can use it with ease. Pasta, tea, and coffee whatever you want- life sounds easy when you have an electric kettle with you. Pick the pace. Choose the bingo and move on!

Andy Brown

Andy Brown is a culinary scientist and have years of experience on food sampling and recipes. He loves to share kitchen tips and the ideal gadgets needed for your cooking expeditions. Its a pleasure to help you find gadgets among millions.

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