7 Step by Step Guide for the Perfect Espresso

Espresso Guide

Espresso is one of the most popular beverages across the globe. Many coffee shops run their business solely on espresso. Also, perfect espresso is the key to other drinks like a flat white, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and more. So, the quality of espresso has a lot to do with sips of happiness.

There are hundreds of baristas with their special espresso formulas. But, is it possible to brew espresso at home? The major concern on that, the espresso produced at home does not match the quality at all. How do you brew the perfect espresso at home? Here is a simple step by step guide for the perfect espresso at home.

Guide for the Perfect Espresso

To brew the perfect espresso shot follow these simple steps to get over the line.

1. Clean the Portafilter

Portafilter cleaning is a major issue that many of us don't even count. Nevertheless, the leftover ground and the moisture from the last batch can ruin the taste of future espresso.

This will over-extract coffee and make it bitter and astringent. So, make sure you clean the portafilter every time you use it. Finally, once you have cleaned, dry it properly to get rid of moisture.

2. Dose it Correctly

It is not only the grind size but also the dose that plays a crucial role in every shot. That is why, most professional baristas are concerned about the dose.

The best practice to follow is measuring the dose on a scale and tamping for adequate extraction. Remember, over-extraction makes the coffee bitter and under-extraction tastes sour. To sum up, you need to have perfect control on dosing for optimum extraction.

3. Distributing Grounds

Distributing grounds has a lot to do with extraction. Improper distribution is often a reason for creating air pockets in the coffee. These air pockets will allow water to channel.

So, the coffee won't spread evenly. For that, you can use spreading tools. Or else, tap the portafilter handle to get off the excess ground. This brings more consistency to the extraction process.

4. Tamp with Pressure

Once you are done with distributing, tamp it with high pressure. Most baristas believe that pressure of no less than 20 kilos is good enough to create a puck.

This is important as it resists air pocket formation and avoids channeling. Also, this works best to avoid under, over, and uneven extraction.

5. Rinse the Group Head

It is important to rinse the group head before you insert the portafilter into it. Sometimes group head contains the old coffee which might get mix with the new batch.

Other than that, rinsing assures proper heating of the group head. That too, adds quality extraction from your coffee.

6. Insert the Portafilter and Start Quick Action

After following the above steps, insert the portafilter to the group head and go for quick action. You must start brewing immediately; or else, the heat from the group head will burn coffee to a bitter taste. Make sure you are well aware of the brewing time as well.

The brewing time is also a factor in coffee extraction. A short extraction time meaning under-extraction while more time extracts it more.

In case you are using a manual espresso machine, be cautious about your yield. Besides, you can read the manual of your espresso machine for better insight.

7. Discard the Puck after Use

Once you have served the espresso, it is now important to discard the puck. Make sure you clean the basket and rinse the group head afterward. This will make it easier and faster for your next batch of espresso.

Other than knowing this step by step guideline, there are more things to count. Here are some of the important to add to the list.

Items required to make Perfect Espresso

Is it only an espresso machine or more to prepare a perfect espresso? Well, you need some investment to gather a quality sip. Some of them are-
- A grinder.
-A Portafilter.
-A tamper.
-A timer.
-Filtered water.
-Quality Beans/Coffee.
-Espresso size cup.

Desired Grind Size For Espresso

We all know that fine grinds are for espresso. But, how fine it should be? Most expert recommends the fineness near to the size of sugar granules.

For that, you can use a burr grinder with versatile click settings. Try at least 30 seconds of grinding to reach the desired fineness. You will get several different grind settings to experiment with.

Know your Roasting

This is something that plays big on taste and aroma. Yes, roasting has several levels and are classified mainly into three. They are light roasting, medium roasting, and dark roasting.

Light roasting is popular for its lovable sour taste. In the case of medium roasting, they are known for their unique flavor preservation. Last but not least, dark roasting is for bittersweet taste.

For those, who are black coffee lovers try single origin over blended origin. Blended origin coffee is well suited to milk and cream.

To pick the best for you, purchase coffee beans from any trusted coffee shop. While purchasing coffee beans, try to purchase fresh ones than roasted beans.

Roasted beans if stored long, develops carbon dioxide which may affect you badly. Even if you buy roasted beans, make sure they are roasted in the last two weeks or so. Check the roasting date on the label and pick the beans that match your roasting level.


Tamping is nothing but compacting the ground before brewing. This is done with the use of a tamper and strong force of over 20 kilos. Baristas put a lot of importance on tamping.

That is because tamping holds the coffee ground and forms a cake. When the water flows through this cake, it extracts most out of your ground. The espresso produced is a quality one studded with flavor.

Bottom Line

Nothing works better than a good cup of espresso. This is the energy boost to millions. A cup of happiness to resolve a thousand pain.

If you follow the above guideline, then you can prepare the perfect espresso at home. That saves money and time and you move a step up in the coffee making.

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